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Reviving the Tradition – Neue Kompositionen für Synthesizer - Trio

Saturday, 23. November 2019

8 pm

Villa Elisabeth
<p>In the 1970/80s there were a number of electroacoustic ensembles that played contemporary music on synthesizers and samplers. These include, for example, the Ensemble Électroacoustique de l'Ensemble Itineraire, the synthesizer trio tm+ from Paris, the Öldorf Group from Germany and several others in Italy, England and Canada.</p>

Bernhard Lang - Cheap Opera #1 "Répétitions" (2019) UA
Bernhard Lang - DW30, loops for Klaus Schulze
Malte Giesen - Neues Werk für 3 Synthesizer (2019) UA
Kirsten Reese - Porpoise (2019) UA

Silke Lange, Sebastian Berweck, Martin Lorenz - Synthesizer

Admission: 10 €, reduced 7 € (Tickets at the box office)

Organizer: Lange//Berweck//Lorenz
In cooperation with the Kultur Büro Elisabeth

YouTube Channel: www.youtube.com/channel/UCRLakxj_SjWLr7eRbfdfO5A
More information and contact: www.langeberwecklorenz.de