Kulturbüro Elisabeth Berlin
Kultur Raum geben


Thank you for the support !

As for most cultural venues, the Corona period was not easy for us either, many UPs and DOWNs demanded all our power, but also further brought us together as a team. With our test center Test4Culture, which we opened on our own initiative in March 2021, we found a meaningful challenge, especially in the peak times of the pandemic, and were thus able to keep the Kultur Büro Elisabeth with its wonderful cultural spaces alive despite immense rent losses.

Many support programs also helped us during this time:

The Senate Department for Culture and Europe:
with the funding of a mechanical ventilation system to maintain our performances in the historic buildings, and
with a sponsorship in the program "Perspektive Kultur".


with the purchase of technical equipment for streaming and hybrid events as well as with project realization.

KULTUR.GEMEINSCHAFTEN is supported by the following sponsors based on a resolution of the German Bundestag:

Kirchenkreis Berlin Stadtmitte:
with support from the Corona-Aid-Fund

Our Café Lisbeth is supported as a so-called "third place" by the regional church Evangelical Church Berlin Brandenburg Schlesiche Oberlausitz: