Kulturbüro Elisabeth Berlin
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Saturday, 29. February 2020

8 pm

Villa Elisabeth
Grafik: Florian Japp
<p>The tradition of played, electronically generated music from the 1970/80s has largely been lost with the dedication to live electronic sound processing and the invention of Max/MSP. After the great success with the reconstruction of Bernard Parmegiani's composition "Stries", the Synthesizer Trio has now made it its business to follow the tradition and has commissioned five compositions.</p>
The second part of the project will include works by Karen Power, Kirsten Reese, Laura Mello, as well as the work "Music of the Spheres" by Johanna Beyer from 1938 and Alvin Lucier's "Risonanza" from 1982.

Karen Power: … where foreigners meet …(2019/2020), UA
Alvin Lucier: Risonanza (1982)
Laura Mello: SYG-/NATION (2020), UA
Johanna Beyer: Music of the Spheres (1938)
Kirsten Reese: Porpoise (2019)

Silke Lange, Sebastian Berweck, Martin Lorenz - Synthesizer

Tickets: 10€/ 7€ reduced
or at the box office at 7 pm

Organizer: Lange//Berweck//Lorenz
Supported by musikfonds, initiative neue musik
More information: www.langeberwecklorenz.de

Grafic: Florian Japp