Kulturbüro Elisabeth Berlin
Kultur Raum geben


Saturday, 2. November 2019

8 pm

Villa Elisabeth
Foto: Peter Fiebig
<p>With two world premieres by Julia Mihály and Martin Lorenz and an older work by the artist collective blablabor, the Trio Mihály - Hofmann - Lorenz explores the interaction of music and language in a concert setting between garage band and new music ensemble. Of particular interest is the potential of language and semantics, and how it can manipulate the perception of music.</p>

Julia Mihály: 18WEST - Songs für den Untergang (2018/19)
Concertante excerpts in the instrumentation voice(s), drums, percussion instruments, electric guitar, live electronics 

Martin Lorenz: Dust To Content (2018/2019) Premiere
for voice and two percussionists

blablabor (Annette Schmucki & Reto Friedmann): hirsch hirn hornisse (2009/2019)
New version for one singer and two percussionists with turntables

Julia Mihály: voice, electric guitar, electronics
Sebastian Hofmann: drums, voice, electric bass, electronics
Martin Lorenz: drums, voice, electronics

10 € at the box office (from 7 pm)

In cooperation with inm Berlin e.V.

For more information:
Julia Mihály - www.juliamihaly.net
Percussion Duo Hofmann Lorenz - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSjvIvMy2mumkbYplcWSXmQ
Blablabor - www.blablabor.ch

Photo: Peter Fiebig