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TRANSITIONS: Leben und Tod - Konzert mit der Capella de la Torre

Sunday, 9. October 2022

7 pm

Villa Elisabeth
Foto © Anna-Kristina Bauer

Along with religion and philosophy, art has always sought to provide people with a renewed access to the world. More than all other arts, music is bound in time: It is present only as long as it is performed; with the fading of the last note, the work is past, until, supported by techniques of recording, it gains life again.


Margaret Hunter, soprano
Jean-François Guiton, video art
Capella de la Torre
Katharina Bäuml, Shawm and conduction

Tickets: 25 €/ ermreduced 18 €
online via www.elisabeth.berlin/billetto

Further information on ticket prices can be found here: Service/Tickets

Please note our current Corona rules.

Organizer: Capella de la Torre in cooperation with Kultur Büro Elisabeth
Funded: By the BKM within the framework of NEUSTART KULTUR.

Media partner: rbb Kultur

Photo © Anna-Kristina Bauer

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