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me, myself and the other i

Sunday, 12. November 2023

6.30 p.m. admission
7 p.m. concert (duration: 90 minutes)

Villa Elisabeth

New Music | Chamber Music | Dialogue Concert | Documentary Concert

me, myself, and the other i engages with the process of composition through language, videography, and music.

In composition discussions, composers Eiko Tsukamoto, Lucien Danzeisen, and Edoardo Micheli create works for flute, trumpet, and percussion. At the outset of these compositions, it is not the musical score that takes precedence, but rather the conversation. Each composer shares an idea for a piece, which the other two then bring to life. Video recordings of these discussions complement the musical performance.

In this process, the boundaries of the creative subject, as a product of Western culture, blur, and the artistic creative process opens up to confront the Other. This results in six musical pieces that challenge fundamental assumptions about composition: Who composed the piece? Where does composition begin? And where does it end?

program: premieres of Eiko Tsukamoto, Lucien Danzeisen und Edoardo Micheli
Videos are in German with English subtitles

Yuri Matsuzaki, flute
Damir Bačikin, trumpet
Adam Weisman, percussion
Malin Meier-Brix, video + moderation
Orlando Meier-Brix, public relations + graphic

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organizer: Malin Meier-Brix in cooperation with Kultur Büro Elisabeth

supported by Musikfonds e.V. und der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien