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LUFT | WURZELN⁶ | 51 % – Fantastische Musik von Frauen²

Sunday, 25. June 2023

6 pm

St. Elisabeth

Concert series with the Kairos Quartett

Kairos Quartett © Carlos H. Juica

The title LUFT | WURZELN of the new Germany-wide series of events curated by the Kairos Quartet goes back to the composer Sandeep Bhagwati. Born in India, raised in Germany and today commuting between Canada, Switzerland and Germany, he uses the term Luftwurzeln to describe his understanding of home. As an independent and cosmopolitan as well as internationally active ensemble, the Kairos Quartet identifies with this description and makes the term the motto for its series until June 2023. In the concluding programme "51 % - Fantastic Music by Women" without frills, the Kairos Quartett begins the new "Work in Progress" with music by the two Italians Clara Iannotta and Francesca Verunelli as well as the Korean Jieun Jun and the Australian Liza Lim.

Liza Lim [*1966] Hell [1991/92]
Francesca Verunelli [*1979] Unfolding II for string quartet [2021]

Clara Iannotta [*1983] A Failed Entertainment for string quartet [2013]
Jieun Jun [*1988] String Quartet [2012/13]

With: Kairos Quartet

Tickets: 10 €,  reduced 7 €
online via www.elisabeth.berlin/billetto or at the box office.
Free choice of seats.

Organizer: Kairos Quartett in cooperation with Kultur Büro Elisabeth
Supported by: NEUSTART KULTUR of the Federal Commissioner for Culture and Media

Photo: Kairos Quartett © Carlos H. Juica