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Konzert mit Guy Braunstein und Ohad Ben Ari

Sunday, 12. February 2023

7 pm

Villa Elisabeth
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Conductor and violinist Guy Braunstein and composer and pianist Ohad Ben-Ari invite you to a chamber concert, or rather a musical celebration, at Villa Elisabeth on Feb. 12:

The varied program begins with Beethoven's famous "Kreutzer Sonata", a work particularly beloved by Guy Braunstein; it is followed by the composition "Portrait" by the composer Gili Schwarzman, composed especially for him and premiered by him only last year. After intermission, the road leads to England: "The beatles are coming!" No, not really. But they would certainly have their fun with the Rhapsody, which Guy Braunstein arranged and composed from their legendary album "Abbey Road". Originally he wanted to pick only one song, but the agony of choice in view of this brilliant album ... came out a whole eleven song arrangements, playfully connected by short interludes, crowned by an almost monster-like cadenza.

Ludwig van Beethoven: Sonata for piano and violin Nr. 9 A-Dur op. 47
Gili Schwarzman: Portrait (2022)
The Beatles (Braunstein): Abbey Road Rhapsody

Guy Braunstein, Violin
Ohad Ben Ari, Piano

Tickets: 25 €/ erm. 15 €
online via www.elisabeth.berlin/billetto
Remaining tickets at the box office. Free choice of seats.

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Organizer: Guy Braunstein and Ohad Ben Ari
In cooperation with Kultur Büro Elisabeth

Photo © privat

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