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Fleisch & Geist

Thursday, 20. October 2022 bis Sunday, 23. October 2022

20.10.2022 | 8 pm
21.10.2022 | 8 pm
22.10.2022 | 8 pm
23.10.2022 | 7 pm

St. Elisabeth

Music theater between devotion and desire

Foto © Piet Truhlar

On the occasion of the 350th anniversary of Heinrich Schütz's death, Nico and the Navigators dedicate themselves to the work of the early Baroque composer, who received his musical training in Kassel before studying the Italian style in Venice. For decades, he shaped musical life in Dresden as court kapellmeister before retiring in Weißenfels. With his madrigals and motets, his Symphoniae Sacrae and Passions, he had already achieved European significance by then.

The historically informed performance practice does not serve as an unshakable pedestal of a monument, but as a vibrant platform for the artist's revival in his and our sound worlds, which meet at eye level in different forms of expression - music, dance, vocals, language.

Cast "Fleisch & Geist":
Artistic director, Nicola Hümpel
Musical direction, Elfa Rún Kristinsdóttir
Stage, Oliver Proske
dramaturgy, Andreas Hillger
By and with:
Baroque violin, Elfa Rún Kristinsdóttir
guitars & lute, Daniel Seminara
recorder & baroque violin, Anna Fusek
viola da gamba & violone, Alon Portal
percussions & synthesizer, Philipp Kullen
mezzo-soprano, Daniela Vega, Ekaterina Bazhanova
bass-baritone, Matthias Lutze
dance & breakdance, choreography, Florian Graul
dance & choreography, Martin Buczko
dance & choreography, Yui Kawaguchi
costumes, Nicola Hümpel, Marie Akoury
lighting, Leroy Nikolas von Bergen
stage design assistance, Sonja Winkler, Lara Scheuermann
artistic assistance, Wolke Mišewitch
Production, Talea Nuxoll, Franziska Huhn, Leonie Schirra

Kategorie 1: 24 €/ reduced 12 €
Kategorie 2: 18 € / reduced 12€

online via www.elisabeth.berlin/billetto

More information: https://navigators.de/projects/fleisch-geist/
Oder: Tel +49 (0)30 - 473 78 138

Please note our current Corona rules.

A co-production of Nico and the Navigators, Heinrich-Schütz-Musikfest | SCHÜTZ22, Kasseler Musiktage, Staatstheater Kassel and Theater Altenburg Gera. Nico and the Navigators are supported by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe in Berlin. In cooperation with Kultur Büro Elisabeth.

Foto © Piet Truhlar

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