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Hygiene/prevention concept for events during the Covid 19 pandemic in the Villa Elisabeth / St. Elisabeth Church

The hygiene guidelines of the Senate Department for Culture and Europe and the general Sars-Cov2 regulation of the state of Berlin change regularly and are mandatory for us. Since the greatest possible safety for visitors, participants and our own staff is a priority, we reserve the right to maintain or reintroduce additional rules, such as the obligation to wear masks, within the limitations of our house rules.

Our large, high-ceilinged rooms have always been very well ventilated manually and have also been equipped with a ventilation system that transports large quantities of fresh air into the event rooms. With their many access points, our buildings offer very good conditions for implementing the required distance and hygiene regulations in a complete and uncomplicated manner, thus enabling the audience and participants to have the safest and yet most pleasant event experience possible.

Dear guests,

despite all changes we recommend to wear a FFP2 mask in our buildings. Short-term changes are possible, please check our homepage shortly before your visit.

All information about our hygiene and prevention plan can be found here.

Covid19 hygiene and prevention plan (short version, as of 05.05.2022)

With the extended changes, some protective regulations for the Covid19 pandemic are no longer mandatory.

Mouth-nose protection:
We recommend wearing an FFP2 mask inside the building.

Confirmation check:
The verification control (2G/3G) is overridden.

Ventilation/Distances/Mask requirement:
The use of our ventilation and air conditioning system (RLT) is associated with a minimal noise disturbance (in the villa also through an open window or the fume hood).
Our mechanical ventilation is in operation as permanently as possible, but at least 45 min before and after the event as well as during breaks. Likewise, cross ventilation is possible via manual ventilation through windows.

There is no longer a requirement for contact tracking. Voluntary registration takes place via online ticketing, a box office is only offered for remaining tickets.

Guidance system:
Please follow the guidance system and use all designated entrances/exits. 

Cleaning/Hand Hygiene:
There is increased cleaning in our buildings, especially of hand contact surfaces. Please take advantage of our hand sanitizing capabilities.

Specific regulations for non-public rehearsals:
For internal rehearsals, set-up or dismantling times, the tenant is responsible for compliance with the applicable SARS-CoV-2 occupational health and safety standards for the stages and studios industry, we recommend the relevant industry-specific action aids of the VBG. 

Specific regulations for the catering (not yet updated - published soon)


Short version of the most important points for visitors:

Here we need your cooperation, please act in solidarity and protect yourself and others who may be particularly vulnerable:


  • Individuals showing Covid19 symptoms (fever, dry cough, loss of smell/taste) or who have had contact with someone suffering from COVID-19 during the past 14 days are prohibited from entering our building.
  • We recommend wearing a medical mask throughout the building, we recommend an FFP2 mask and also offer extra respiratory friendly ones for a small donation.
  • In particular, we point out to people who belong to a risk group and are not fully vaccinated/boostered that despite all safety measures we cannot guarantee safety against infection.
  • The concerts/events usually have a duration of no more than approx. 90 min, or a break in which extensive ventilation is provided.
  • Please be prepared for more frequent ventilation even when outside temperatures are cold. Unless mechanical ventilation is used, ventilation will occur every 45 minutes.

Ticket Purchase and Registration:

  • There is no registration when purchasing tickets online as well as at the on-site box office. Please make a note of the visit and notify the Health Department along with our contact (030/44043644/ infoatelisabeth.berlin) in case of infection.
  • Please use the possibility of online advance booking (the relevant link can be found at the relevant event in our Kulturkalendar).

While visiting:

  • Please use the disinfectant dispensers in the entrance areas and in front of the hall.
  • Please follow the guidance system and use all designated entrances/exits.
  • Please continue to keep your distance from each other as much as possible.
  • In the buildings, we recommend wearing a medical mask (FFP2 masks), even at your seat.
  • Please avoid waving with concert programs.

The team of Kultur Büro Elisabeth thanks you for your support! Stay healthy!