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Trotz Alledem - Af Al Pi Chen

Saturday, 4. December 2021 bis Montag, 6. Dezember 2021

Sa, 4.12. | 19.30 Uhr - PREMIERE
So, 5.12. | 19.30 Uhr
Mo, 6.12. | 15 Uhr & 19.30 Uhr

Villa Elisabeth
Foto © André Krummel
<p>Based on the real-life stories of Zvi Aviram, Edith Wolff, Gad Beck and Jizchak Schwersenz, we have developed and written a docu-drama with six actors.</p>

Based on historical research and original quotations, we will present the touching, stirring stories of these young German-Jewish activists who led the Chug Chaluzi underground resistance to National Socialism in Berlin. The play will convey a haunting picture of the times, one that addresses the horror and perfidy of the Nazi terror while reflecting on the everyday lives of those who were persecuted and who found the courage to resist.

Told from different perspectives, the play will focus on the main character of Zvi Aviram. All of these courageous young Jewish people will have their say, as will the non-Jewish allies who put their own lives at risk in solidarity with their neighbors. The story will set these lived experiences against the backdrop of Nazi bigwigs, henchmen, informers, and collaborators, as well as those who offered to help the persecuted based on calculated self-interest. The play will undertake a sensitive portrayal of personalities who, through their actions, deeds, and humanity, shine as role models in our own time, offering us strength, courage, and hope.

The play will be made up of short, filmic scenes, with rapid transitions and changes in setting – a kaleidoscopic depiction of fate and the passage of time. Through these pieces of a larger epic narrative, we hope to shed light on how the incremental, slow-burning politics of hate perpetuated propaganda and “master race” madness, supported a terrorist regime, turned Jewish people into “enemies,” robbed them of their homeland, and forced them underground in their struggle for survival. In this context, we will trace several key questions: How did these young people manage to live under such conditions? What drove them to resist? And what held the group together?

Since this material has never before been adapted for the stage, we are eager to bring this inspiring story to a new audience.

Scipt and direction by Boris von Poser
Stage design: Stefan Bleidorn
Costume design: Jessica Karge
Cast: Konstantin Krisch, Barbara Stephenson, Florian Rast, Daniel Grave, Stella Maria Adorf, Gerald Michel

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Photo © André Krummel