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MuDae 2023: Kennst Du das Land?

Monday, 24. April 2023

7 pm

Villa Elisabeth

A concert of the series "MuDae - Creative Stage Korea"

Concert | "MuDae - Creative Stage Korea" | Korea

Foto © Koreanisches Kulturzentrum

In this concert, one song from South Korea and one from Germany are juxtaposed on various themes. Despite the physical distance between the two countries, closeness is created through culture, music and poetry. This year marks the 140th anniversary of the beginning of diplomatic relations between Korea and Germany. 


Part 1
Hugo Wolf - Kennst Du das Land?
The joy of being
Kyuhwan Kim - Wondering if My Love is Coming
Franz Schubert - Dass sie hier gewesen
Isang Yun - The Swing
Hanns Eisler - An den kleinen Radioapparat
Only seen in a dream
Shin Kim - Spring Coloured Love
Edward Grieg - Ein Traum

Part 2
The eternal sleep
Wonju Lee - Pear Blossom Rain
Richard Strauss - Allerseelen
Seongtae Kim - Memory
Franz Schubert - Nähe des Geliebten
Innocence of the lotus flower
Joowon Kim – Like the Wind That Met with Lotus
Robert Schumann – Die Lotusblume
I love you so much
Wonju Lee – Longing
Johannes Brahms – Da unten im Tale

Haewon Lee (Soprano), Michael Kim (Tenor), Jeeyoung Lim (Bass-Baritone), Suyeon Cho (Piano)

Free admission. Registration required!
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Organizer: Kulturabteilung der Botschaft der Republik Korea in cooperation with Kultur Büro Elisabeth.

Photo © Koreanisches Kulturzentrum